Noel Murphy ~ fotomgmt: Blog en-us (C) Noel Murphy ~ fotomgmt (Noel Murphy ~ fotomgmt) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT Noel Murphy ~ fotomgmt: Blog 120 80 Norwegian Madness I had the privilege to photograph these two Norwegian exchange students.  They graduated couple years ago from Boulder City Highschool but decided to comeback for a visit.  What a joy it was to spend a day with these girls Malin Molden and Lise Hasselgard.

We started at an unusual location at a local Laundromat.  Most people would look at this place and think its a place for people to wash their clothes but in my eyes I look at this place as much more.

Such a desert flower!  It didn't matter how hot it was.  Malin made these photos look cool and refreshing!

YES....McDonalds was one of the locations. At first when Malin suggested to shoot at McDonalds I was "ok lets do it" but when we were outside for about an hour on one of the hottest day, I was "OK LETS DO IT".  I needed to be indoors to cool down. Apparently in Norway McDonalds is a BIG DEAL!  I guess you can call me Non-Traditional/Traditional Photographer?  Who knew shooting at McDonalds could look this good!

Booulder City is the home of the Hoover Dam.  This motel is one of the oldest hotels in Boulder City.  I love this sign.  So retro.  When Malin wanted to shoot here I didn't mind even though I shot here before.

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Karina Stanton

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Mock wedding 2 Took me month to set up this shoot. This shoot overall worked out. I had lots of plans but only did 1/2 of the things I wanted to do.  There’s couple minor things that happened but overall I’m happy how the pictures turned out. Had 18 outfits, 18 pairs of shoes, 12 jewelry, 8 models, 2 make up/hairstylist, 1 stylist, 2 assistants and many unhappy people at LV Sign.

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Mock wedding shoot This was a really fun shoot. We hogged the Las Vegas sign for about 1.5 hours and got tons of dirty looks from awaiting tourists. But, all in all it was worth it. Check out the photos and more to come shortly! Thank you to my right hand women, the hair and makeup artists and lastly the models. 

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Preparation for the desert shoot I got my friend Irma to help me with the decorations. All handmade ;) more pics coming. 

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Wedding July 2013

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